1. Dear Global Clowns:

I would like to thank you so much for your performance and also Handy Man. The both of you were great. My family had so much fun with the both of you. They said that was the best birthday party they been to . You put a amile on everyone's face. I loved the way you painted my doughters faces. You are very talented. May God Bless you always. Keep clowning around, you are number 1 to us and i'm sure to a lot of other people as well. Hope to see you next year for the second time.
                                                                                                  Sincerely yours,
                                                                                        A well SATISFIED customer
                                                                                                The Vazquez Family

2. Dear Global Clowns:

The clown,magic,facepainting and balloon was all excellent and so was Spanish Girl character. The
kids had a ball.  My granddaughter is still talking about her party.  Even the adults had fun.  The
face painting was really great. The clown was great with the kids and the adults.  Guests at the
party said the face painting was one of the best.. My granddaughter loves the character so she
really had a great time.
                                                                                                   Thank You,
                                                                                             Mrs. Lynette Persaud

3. Dear Global Clowns:

I just wanted to thank you for arranging the Silly person and Handy Man at my son's third Birthday
Party.  Everyone enjoyed the silly person's entertainment and her personality. She kept the adults
laughing while she professionally painted the children's faces. The Mom's were all impressed at
their little one's holding still for the face painting, our youngest was 13 months old.  Then Bob the
Builder came and took pictures with the children with their faces painted.  He was a definite asset to
the party. The frames were great gifts for the kids to bring home their pictures in. The children also
enjoyed the balloons that the silly person made, and dancing around with her. Overall the
performance was great.  We talked about them all night.  Everyone was impressed with the face
painting, saying they have never seen such professional work ever done before at a party. The
character was very playful with the children and the parents. The weather was the only unfortunate
part of our day, but your staff arrived promptly and started on time.   I have to say this was a
pleasurable experience and would highly recommend your services to our friends.  
                                                                                              The Diaz Family

4. Dear Global Clowns:
The party was wonderful. We were very pleased with the face painting, magic and the characters. I'm
glad that we did not go with a tall person since some of the kids are scared of characters. This made
them all feel very comfortable. We loved the entrance the clown made. She was really great. To this
day over one month later people are still talking about the party. Parents are telling me that they are
going to kill me (smile), because now their kids want all of that at their next party. I will email you of
the photo in a few days. Once again thank you for everything. It really was a great party.

                                                                                                   Thank You,

5. Dear Global Clown:

The clown and silly person were excellent. We were very happy with him. The clown was great with
the kids. The clown was very gentle and let the kids warm up to him. The girls loved the face
painting and flower balloons. The kids had a great time. The Big Red Dog character was great too.
Costume was clean and looked great. We would definitely use you again and recommend you to
our friends. We received the photo frames and business card too.
                                                                                                    Tracey Saia

6. Dear Global Clowns:

I want to thank you for sending out the clown and silly person to our kids party despite the bad
weather. The kids & the adult all had a great time. They enjoyed the magic show & the character
was outstanding. When my cousin gives me the pictures I'll make sure to send you some more
pictures. The clown and silly person are so talented with the face painting. All together it was great
party entertainment & also the balloon. The kids love them.
                                                                                                         Thank you
                                                                                                      Ana Maisonave

7. Dear Global Clowns:

Thank you for entertaining us at Christopher's second birthday. He Liked the Blue Spotted Dog a
lot and the clown was terrific and the magic was great. From kids to adults, everyone enjoyed it. I
will see you guys for the 5th, or the 6th times on febuary 14,2004 for Joshua's 4th birthday. Thank
you very much.
                                                                                                     The Gopaul family

8. Dear Global Clow

Hello!!! Sorry for the late reply, and yes just to let you know that the Clown and the Spanish Girl
character were fantastic Fantastic!!!!!! The face painting was absolutly beautiful, everyone was
commenting at what a beautiful job she did. She really took her time and effort into her work and
she had the kids and adult involved in her show. I would definitely have her again!!!! Thank you
guys so very much for a great party and i will definitely see you guys next year :)
                                                                                                        Ashmani Khan.

9. Dear Global Clowns:

We really enjoyed the clowns,cotton candy machine & face painting was awesome!!!!!! I NEVER
saw face painting so beautiful in my life. All the children plus the big children(adults) loved the
magic show. The icing on the cake was the Super Hero(3). How did you know my older loved that
particular character????? We loved everything & you will be hearing from us again & all of our
friends who have children turning one this year!!!! You'll celebrates our son's christening with us
now we will be calling you in September for his first birthday.    
                                                                                                      Thank you so much
                                                                                                          Sharon La Fia

10. Dear Global Clowns:

We just wanted to thank you again for everything you did at the party.  Everything went beautifully
and it was better than we could have imagined.  The clown was great.  She kept the kids happy and
organized activities such as the limbo and the piñata.  The face painting was a big hit and we really
were not expecting it, she just threw it in and it was the icing on the cake. Blue Monster was also
great and thank you so much for letting us have Red Monster and Tall Bird too.  They all looked
great and it was a big hit!!! Everyone is talking about the party and a few people mentioned that
they would like to hire you for their next party.  We give your company our highest recommendation.
Everyone was very impressed and we are very grateful.

                                                          Thank for making James' first birthday party a blast!
                                                                                       James and Barbara
11. Dear Global Clown

Hi, My name is Christine, Steve Oh's sister. The team that entertained on Nov. 9, 2003 for Steve
Oh's son's birthday party was outrageously wonderful!! Young and old and everyone in between
loved every moment of the entertainment. I highly recommend Global Clowns Enterprise Inc., for all
occasion entertainment. I have your business cards and I will be delighted to pass it out to
strangers!!! Your male clown was jolly and entertaining. Your female clown was hilarious and
talented at face painting and balloon sculpting. Your characters were friendly and costumes were
clean & looked excellent. Your cotton candy was delicious. Your games and tricks were fun and
entertaining. I thank you and I'm sure we will be seeing your talented employees again.
                                                                                                        Christine Bousada

12. Dear Global Clown

I would like to thank you so much for the entertainment for the party. It was worth every penny and I
would love to use your company again. The clown, oh my God, I haven't seen adults laugh that hard
because of a clown and the kids were so happy. Then the finale of Spongebob, every kid was
screaming and every person there wanted pics with him. I gave all of my friends your business cards
and hope they will use you also because I know next party, I will definitely use you guys again.
Thanks so much for making my daughter so happy on her birthday.
Thanks so much for making my daughter so happy on her birthday.
Thanks so much for making my daughter so happy on her birthday.
much for making my daughter so happy on her birthday.

                                                                                                         Christina & Paige

13. Dear Global Clowns:

Hi!  To the both of you.  Everything was great.  I was amazed when they arrived early to set up.  It
turned out wonderful.  Both adults and children had fun.  Especially my son he was laughing a way
with the clown, he wasn't afraid and that made me very happy to see him having fun.  He loved Blue
Spotted Dog characters well as the clown. The face painting was great. The best I have ever seen.
The clown did a great job with the games. The cotton candy of course was great. The magic was
very cute especially the live animals which again my 1 year old son was not afraid & he was touching
them like it were nothing. It was really good.  If you like, you can use me as a reference, I don't mind. I
will email you pictures of my son as soon as I get them developed.   
                                                                                                              Thanks again

14. Dear Global Clown

My family and I were very pleased with the clown and character performance. I loved the way you
made your entrance and involved everyone in the show.  This was my granddaughter first birthday,
my daughter did not know what to expect.  We have been to other parties with the clown and
character and were not pleased at the clown, or the custom character. The costume character on the
other parties that we have seen was really dirty & old. When my daughter told me thank you and she
really enjoyed the show it really made me feel good. It really makes me feel good when my family and
friends called during the week to say how they had such a wonderful time and Sade's party was the
party of the year (I even had family from out of state calling to tell me they heard how nice Sade's
party was). My dear mother is still talking about the party and how the entertainer had so much
patience and energy. The kids really enjoy the way you painted their faces to match the colors they
had on that day. Magic was funny & the kids had a ball with the balloon sculptures. Thanks a lot and
may God Bless you. Much success to the clown you send to us and to the Global Clowns Enterprise
Inc..I know that we are going to see you guys in a bout two weeks  for the second time on 03-29-03
party event for my other family member since we have already booked you guys the same day as my
party's date on 3-15-03, so see you then guys for some more fun & God bless.
                                                                                                                Thanks a lot
                                                                                                               The Reid family
                                                                                                               (A satisfy family)

15. Dear Global Clowns:

Wow! You guys were great! We had a wonderful time at Ryan's fourth birthday party.A good time
was had by all - both young and old.You guys are exceptional. You provide a good quality service,
your entrainment and characters are brand new, clean & that is great. Your early arrival and setup
was especially appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone. Keep up the good work. I can't wait
until our next party!Please feel fee to use me as a reference if you like. They can email at for personal reference.Thank you again! We will see you guys again next
year for the 3rd time for sure.
                                                                                                                  Best regards,
                                                                                                              Jana & Ryan Grant

16. Dear Global Clowns:

Hi.Thank you,so much for the wonderful job you guys have done for us again for the second year at
my daughter's birthday party on Saturday, March 15th. You guys did an absolute wonderful job with
the children. The clown magic show was wonderful & funny. The children were not scared of the
clown at all. The face paintings were absolutely beautiful. The kids & adults all had a wonderful time
with the clown. She is absolutely wonderful with every one including the adult and I would definitely
recommend her to any other parents for children's party. She did my nephew's face like a lizard he
looked great & many other great face painting. The Cotton candy was great the kids as well as the
adults enjoyed it. Trust me I will be booking you guys again at my next daughter birthday party & that
will makes it the third birthday party with you guys. Again, I can't thank you enough for a job well
done. The Spanish Girl character was also very clean, new & beautiful as well as fun for the kids of
all ages who loved to take pictures with her.
                                                                                                                  Thanks again,
                                                                                                                 Annie Gonzalez

17. Dear Global Clowns:

I was in fact afraid of no one showing up after paying in advance and that was only because I was not
familiar with you nor your company.  But now that I am, I would definitely refer your services to others.
 The contract was a good thing.  Everything was excellent. The clown looked great, and she was very
funny from the time she introduced herself until the very end. I was shocked and very happy to see
the kids applauding when she made her entrance.  Me and the clown both were afraid if some of the
kids may start crying but they didn't.  They loved her when they saw her and her performance and of
course, they loved the excellent magic show she put on for them as well as out of this world face
painting and balloons.  The clown did an excellent job because she did everything I paid for & more
in just enough time and not once looked annoyed being around the kids the whole time.  Thank you
for everything and for the gifts you gave my daughter as well. I wish you luck and success in your
business and will definitely recommend you guys.  If I ever need another entertainer, I will not
hesitate to call you.  You will be my first and only stop.
                                                                                                                  Thanks again.

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