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Terms & Conditions - GlobalClowns.

01-Employee is only responsible to do work up to the amount of kids on booking/contract form.

02-Events including a clown/character combination and/or clown/machines or any other type of combination will be done by one employee/worker only.

03-Parents are responsible to maintain control of children from pushing, punching, pinching, shavings, etc. the entertainer as well as during the use of a costumed character. Client and/or parents will be given one warning following the warning if the above problem occurs again the entertainer will use their discretion to stop any further performance. No refund or credit will be issued at that time, or any other time.

04-The said company is not responsible for the bad weather for the day of your event.

05-The said Company is not responsible of your liking or disliking of the entertainer your event, or the show, we simply provide the client with the entertainer(s) and the services only. We do not guarantee satisfaction. We only guarantee to provide you with the service.

06-Client will be given notice if the event should need to go into overtime. Overtime fee shall be at a rate of $100.00 per every thirty minutes. Overtime fee must be collected in full prior to any additional services. Overtime fee can only be paid in cash. Overtime services is not guaranteed due to heavy scheduling of the entertainer.

07- The said Company does not accept any cancellations what so ever. The client may reschedule event given a minimum of a 10 day notice to the said company, or more. Minimum fee for rescheduling starts at $100.00 & may vary at times. The said company is not responsible if any of the kids are scared of your entertainer.

08- Some party packages will receive 8.625% taxes. Please call to discuss.

09-The said company gives the entertainer of the event a grace period of up to 30 minutes late arrival to the event due to traffic and weather conditions.

10-The said company reserves the right to cancel the event if the company considered your party place/atmosphere is not a safe place for our entertainer to work in. The client shall loose all his/her payments due to the none safety issues. The client is responsible for the safe keeping of the party place/atmosphere.

11- If the entertainer is unable to find parking client will be responsible to provide payments for the parking for the duration of the event & the over time unless she/he has a reserved parking spot for his/her party's entertainer.

12-Client is aware that the prices given for an event or a service acquired from the said company does not include gratitude to the entertainer or employee. Suggested gratitude is 25%. The client may choose to give the employee more gratitude if he/she would want to at his/her own discretion.

13 For out of area parties travel expenses apply.


14-Prices are not are slightly higer during Holiday events.

15-By signing this contract the client assumes all responsibility of the well being of all adults and children at the event. Client will not hold the said company responsible for any damages to property, or lost items and injuries that may occur to an adult or children as a result of your party's entertainment, or your uncontrolled atmosphere.

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